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By understanding Individual’s “Brain DNA”
– Say goodbye to Mental Health Crisis
– Reduce Psychological Problems by 90%

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  • Enhance your understanding of the Human Mind

Parents Must Know about their Children’s “Brain DNA” & individual uniqueness before it’s too late

  • You must know about this before you run into any psychological problems,
    – Before your children reach their teen years,
    – & before addictions SHOW UP,
    – OR Before you face anxiety or depression.
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You must know that every brain is different and they need unique nourishments and nurturing at every age and stage of life. I have always said that we humans know more about plants and fruits and their exact seeds and how to nurture them exactly as they are, but we treat our children and everyone in a “general” way.

Do you know your exact uniqueness? How about your children, your partner, your loved one’s uniqueness and differences? Do you know that like plants we must nurture the unique “Brain DNA” according to what it is, and not like any other.

You Must Know This Before It’s Too Late

Every child is born with its unique “Brain DNA”

Psychological problems will arise if you don’t know what “Brain DNA” is under your care.

You grow up during “Brain Developmental Stages” which take place from the prenatal Stage through 29 years of age)
& you need to be nourished according to your “Seed” which is your unique “Brain DNA”
& Mental Health problems will arise if the individual is not nurtured correctly according to their unique seed.

By understanding “Brain DNA” you can recognize all behaviors.
. Understanding how “Mind, Emotions, and Sensitivities” work
. Recognizing the “Communication styles” and how you can talk to each individual according to their unique brain
. You can Lead and direct others better
. You can understand an individual’s uniqueness the same as recognize plants and fruits
. Fostering and nurturing children exactly as they are, and not like anyone else
. No more confusion about “who you are” and why you do things the way you do
. No more confusion about “why this person is this way” or what

Gain 100% Clarity in Your Life by understanding yourself at @the Core Level
Gain Knowledge about this Amazing Newfound Discovery

The “Brain DNA”

What is “Brain DNA?”

“Brain DNA” consists of your unique “Brain Type, Sensory Sensations, and Temperaments.”
Brain Type = Brain Types can be recognized by “Neural Networks” and their unique patterns.
Sensory Sensations = They are in charge of your “Emotional Receptions” and messaging network.
Temperaments = They will take control of reactions and the messages you receive from your brain type and sensory sensations.

Why do I need to know this?
When you know about a citrus tree you know what type of seed it has, and how to nurture it accordingly to reach its blossoming years. You also know that the citrus tree is different than an apple tree or any other plant or fruit. You know that a banana has soft skin and gets bruised easily, and a walnut or a coconut has a hard shell.

. By understanding “Brain Types,” you can recognize the type of the “Seed” and therefore, how to care for it correctly.
. By understanding “Sensory Sensations” you can recognize “Sensitivities” and how your unique “Emotions” work.
. By understanding “Temperaments” you will recognize your “Reactions” to “Environmental exposures.”
. This is your “Brain DNA” = All these departments work together simultaneously to deliver your “Decision-making” process.

Also, A Note, & An Important Message
. While you are growing up, you not only need to be nurtured according to your “Brain DNA”
. But also, every brain needs to be fostered during “Brain Developmental Stages” accordingly
. “Brain Developmental Stages” takes place from the pre-natal stage through 29 years of age
. As you grow up during (BDS) you gather experiences according to your (Brain DNA)
. & the experiences will become the “Building Blocks” and the foundation that runs your life and reality
. If you are supported and nurtured fully, you will build a healthy building blocks foundation
. If somewhere and something has gone wrong during “Brain developmental Stages,” you will run into psychological problems or some type of mental distress
. However, the “damaged building blocks” can be repaired, but the treatments must be applied according to the individual’s unique “Brain DNA”

“Brain DNA” = “Brain Types + Sensory sensations + Temperaments)