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Mental Health in Schools

Creating a Plan to Improve Students’ EQ & Total Well-Being


Unique WORKSHOPS to Help Teachers, Parents, & Institutes
Recognize Individual Unique “Brain & Sensitivities”
Learn Techniques to Help Students Reach Mental Health & Wellness

Mental crises are the leading cause of
disability worldwide.
Emotions as complex as anxiety or depression look different in scans of
different BRAINS.

Understand all about different brains and the
unique “Brain DNA.”

Help others achieve “Mental Health and wellness.”

Suicide Prevention
Learn how to Communicate with every unique Brain Types
Manage Mental Health
Brain Types & Unique Temperaments
Understanding Sensitivities
Trauma Treatment
According to
Brain DNA
Gain Skills to Manage Emotions
Brain Developmental Stages

“We are providing a full-service programs to assist schools, teachers, parents to learn about “Brain DNA,” and the connection with “Mental Health & Well-being.”
— Mera Lord