Brain Developmental Stages
Brain Growth from (Pre-natal care, Infancy, Toddler years, Preschool, Elementary, Middle school, Highschool, College years, – through 29 years of Age)

The brain needs Special Care at Every Stage of Life
ALL According to the Unique “BRAIN DNA”
The unique signature and footprint of “BRAIN TYPE, SENSITIVITIES, & TEMPERAMENTS”


Brain Developmental Stages

Why does one baby reach for certain toys, while another doesn’t? Why does one respond to sound, touch, smile, laughter, or any environmental situation differently than another? Why one thrive to be with others and another one like the calm and seek alone time?

You may answer it is because we all have different genes. Yes, we all have different hair colors, skin and body type, and you can see the physiological differences. But do you see your sensitivities and feelings, and why someone is sociable and another person is introvert?

By recognizing your “BRAIN DNA” you will understand the exact genomics of your “brain, feelings, and sensitivities.”

There is an Important “However” here
However, in addition to understanding the individual’s “Brain DNA”
You must know the “Brain Developmental Stages”
& Nurture the true nature of the child during every stage
According to their “Brain DNA”

. Prenatal Stage – The prenatal stage is a stage of Neurodevelopmental Fetal Programming, the process whereby early environmental influences can enhance or damage the neurodevelopmental growth and many factors can influence the physiological genomes of the offspring.

. Infancy – The “Me Stage” where the brain is developing the first foundation of “Love & Support.”

. Toddler Years – The foundation of the “Relationships” are being built here and at this stage.

. Pre-school Age – The foundation of getting “sociable” and how to connect with others are developing at this stage.

. Elementary – Middle – High School Years – Discovering oneself fully

Workshops are designed to fully understand Every Brain Developmental Stage & what needs to be done for each unique “Brain DNA”

The majority of mental health issues “Start in childhood” years and during “Brain developmental stages,” which take place from the “prenatal stage through 29 years” of age. 

Do you know where and how psychological problems begin?

the “Sensitive child” becomes an anxious child and an anxious adult.

The “Active Brain Type” becomes addicted to substances because they are not being understood fully, and the brain seeks solutions elsewhere. They call the “Active Brain Type” having ADHD, and they call it a “Disorder,” not knowing that this is a very normal “Brain Type,” having its unique “Brain DNA” signature.

The “Structured Brain Type” gets depressed and they don’t know how to help this brain versus the “Creative Brain Type.” The treatments for any psychological problems must be applied according to the individual’s unique “Brain DNA,” otherwise you are taking the wrong direction to help the cause.

Mental health crises are on the rise for these 3 massive reasons,
– One reason is that no one knows about this newfound discovery
– Another reason is that we don’t know how to “Nurture” the unique “Brains” accordingly
– The third reason is that we must treat treatments according to an individual’s “Unique Brain DNA,” and not in a “general” format.

Psychological problems arise because we ignore the unique “Brain DNA”, brain types, temperaments, and sensitivities.  

The “Educational system” must be polished and teaching methods adjusted according to “Brain DNA.”
– Not all teaching methods are correct for every brain type
– Every brain learns differently
– Every brain can learn anything if teaching methods are applied according to their unique brain types

You can reach Mental Health & Wellness if,
– The “Sensitivities and temperaments” are recognized according to an individual’s “Brain DNA”
– Teaching “Management Skills” must be directed toward brain types for it to reach “Emotional Intelligence” success, or you will lose the battle.

For example; not all anxieties are the same, and the “Active Brain Type” gets anxious differently than a “Creative” or a “Structured” Brain Type.

Not all brain types learn the same way, and when you understand “Brain DNA,” you will know how to talk to each brain in their unique ways, and how to lead, direct, and help everyone according to their uniqueness.

Choose happiness, Choose Success
For you and your Loved Ones
Understand All About the “BRAIN DNA”

Causes & Campaigns

A key to helping in a mental health crisis is if you can detect the warning signs early.

Learn How to Successfully Support Mental Health at every Stage of Life
Supporting Brain Developmental Stages

According to Unique “Brain DNA”

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Repair and replace damaged memories by finding the root cause during brain developmental stages.

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