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Congratulations for your motivation and desire to want to practice and to want to be a Life Coach.

“Brain DNA” Certification Program

Life coaching is a two Billion-dollar industry, and at this time and age, people need life coaches and motivational leaders more than ever before. The research shows that about 25% of the population are whether depressed or suffer from some sort of anxiety problems in life. It is a fact that all people go through emotional factors, but more than 50 percent need some sort of emotional support to get them through the changes.

It is even proven that so many people don’t know “how to manage” their problems, even with all the information that is out there and available to access in an instant. Another form of stress has risen from the overwhelming stream of information and many are suffering for not being able to adjust well in the fast track life.

The suicide attempts among teenagers are at the highest rate from ever before in our time and history, and it is because teens see themselves getting pulled and pushed around by so many directions and cannot find their own ways, and they feel at lost by having too many choices and cannot balance all that is coming their way within the ever-changing factors in life.

This is where you come in as a life coach to help millions, and you are needed to guide, and direct your clients to gain knowledge in managing and leading life in a perfect way toward joy, happiness, life management, fulfillments, and achievements.

However, our Training Programs is focused on a higher level and it is to understand individual’s “Brain DNA”

This is where we make the difference

The concentration of our Certification Program is geared toward understanding individual’s unique “Brain DNA”

and where you can lead and coach everyone according to their uniqueness.

  • Life is AMAZING where there is help out there
  • – you can help your clients to reach SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, & PEACE of mind
  • – you can LEAD the way & help your clients to FIND their PATH & stay on their PATH
  • – you can be their COACH from the start to the END helping and guide the way
  • – Lead, Coach, and Support your client’s dreams
  • & guide them to reach JOY & HAPPINESS in life and whatever they like to achive

But how can you help them if you don’t know their true seed within, which is their unique nature, and it is their “Brain DNA.”

By learning to understand “Brain DNA”
– You will learn about the individual’s “Brain Type” and how they perceive the world
– You will understand their “Sensitivities” & “Temperaments”
– & you will be able to help many when they get stuck in any areas of their life.

Yes, you can be a GOOD LEADER & A GREAT COACH

Thank you for taking this step and wanting to help others,

you can help many to reach success and happiness in their personal and professional life.

Life Coaching Training Program would consist of 4 major categories including:

    Understanding the fundamentals of “Life Coaching”
    Learning the “Process” from basics to advanced methods and techniques.
    “Practice” your knowledge, and
    applying methods according to each individual uniqueness and case work.
    Private Practice – Building your own business and career
    – Rules & Regulations
  4. “Brain DNA” Certification Program
    Training programs
    – Understanding “Brain DNA”
    – Recognizing “Brain Types”
    – Understanding “Sensitivities” & Learn Techniques to Manage Obstacles
    – Learn about individual’s “Temperaments” and how they can learn better decision-making process

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Life is AMAZING, & Your Life Can Be AMAZING

This is a Promise that you can reach “Happiness & Joy” in all areas of life, if only you know the way.

“There is Always a Way” and All you need to do is to want it, and you will find the way.

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