Mera Lord – A great candidate for winning the Noble Prize – A revolutionary leap for mankind in Mental Health and Wellness

The Revolutionary leap for mankind

I’ve discovered “Brain Types” after 40 years of research, and I am so
excited to share my discoveries with you. By understanding brain types, you can
enhance children’s IQ by 70%, raise emotional intelligence EQ by 90%, increase
teamwork collaborations by 75%, and end many psychological problems by 89%.

You are born with your own unique “Brain type” and you run your entire decision-making process based on your brain type.

By understanding “Brain types” we human beings can leap into a bright future where everyone is recognized fully for their uniqueness and we can build a better future for us all.

Mera Lord’s Latest Quest

Mera Lord is an author with a “Psychology & Neuroscience” background. She not only has discovered “Brain Types” but also the uniqueness of the individual’s “Temperaments” which effects feelings and particular sensitivities that each person carries all through their life.

Mera Lord wants to fix all mental health problems, and she says we can conquer 90% of mental health issues by having this new-found knowledge and by applying these new methods.

Parents, educators, psychologists, counselors, and anyone in charge of fostering children’s mental health and wellness must be aware and have knowledge about children’s “Brain Type” their unique “Temperaments” and what exactly happens during “Brain Developmental Stages.”

The “Brain Developmental Stages” take place from “pre-natal to 29 years of age” and it is highly important to know that at every stage, the individual must be nurtured according to their “Brain Types” and “Temperaments” otherwise many psychological problems will arise from not having the proper knowledge and what takes place at any particular age.

Mera Lord says I’ve discovered “Brain Types” and by understanding specific traits and characteristics of every unique brain type we not only can cure mental illnesses but also can help every individual to reach their highest potential and succeed in all areas of life.

She highly believes that we can put an end to anxiety, depression, suicide, ADHD, and many psychological problems.

We can achieve “Mental Health & Wellness” if only we all come together and fight for the future. A bright future where everyone’s uniqueness is fully recognized and nurtured accordingly.

Mera Lord has discovered that people are born with their unique “Brain Types” and if you know the traits and characteristics of each unique brain type, we can help individuals to develop healthy mental abilities and prevent many from reaching mental illnesses.

The new “Pathways to Mental Health & Wellness”

Mera Lord calls attention to strategies and approaches that help all Americans achieve wellness and good mental and overall health.

Mental health affects 35% of the adult population, 55% of teenagers, and 25% of children and with an alarming rise each year.

What’s considered a mental illness?

Mental illness is a general term for a group of illnesses that may include symptoms that can affect a person’s thinking, perceptions, mood, or behavior such as anxiety, depression, mood disorder, eating disorder, ADHD, dementia, autism, and mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work, or family activities.

She says after 40 years of extensive research I know how to help people achieve mental health and wellness.

It “Starts when you’re Young”

Research shows that more than half of all mental illnesses begin in childhood, and now more than ever children and teens live with mental health issues.

Mera Lord claims that we can tackle this issue and 90% of the time help children not develop any mental and psychological problems by understanding the child’s “Brain type & Temperaments” from early years and nurturing accordingly while they are growing up.

Would you join me to help millions reach mental health and wellness?

She emphasizes the importance of “Brain Developmental Stages” which takes place from “pre-natal to 29 years of age” and at every stage, the individual must be nurtured according to their “Brain Types” and “Temperaments” otherwise many psychological problems will arise from not having the proper knowledge.

After 4 decades of research, and working on cognitive psychology I’ve discovered that you are not your “Personality type” and you are your “Brain Type.”

The personality that you observe is only an “after-effect,” and it is the BRAIN that decides and makes all the decisions ahead of time, and thereafter the behaviors would show up and are being observed as personalities.

Every child is born with a unique brain type, and the brain type does not change over time, and it will always run the decision-making process based on its type.

You are your “Brain type” and whatever you do is under the control of your neurons, and how neurotransmitters behave. Your strength, your weaknesses, your anxiety, your fears, courage, passion, your boredom, and the whole state of mind is under the control of your brain type.

This is a huge discovery and we human beings can reach a place to finally understand “why and how we make decisions” in life.

By understanding brain type’s characteristics and traits we can gain the knowledge to teach, communicate, direct, and nurture every unique brain type as unique as it is.

I have mentioned this extensively while working with parents and educators that we human beings know more about plants and flowers and their specific seeds and the exact nourishments they need than our children, not knowing that every child has its unique brain and the seed within and has to be treated and nurtured exactly as the seed is, and not like every other seed.

This is a new era, this is a new giant leap for humanity

Parents must learn about the child’s brain type to nurture the nature of the child exactly as the child is.

Educators and the school system must know about the child’s brain type to make teachings effective, and understand that every brain type learns uniquely.

Psychologists and counselors need to adjust their treatments according to the individual’s brain type, otherwise, the treatments are not going to work as well or be beneficial.

Resolution to a Huge Problem

Curing Mental Health problems & Gaining a Healthy State of Mind

Parents, caregivers, and educators need to understand the “brain types and temperaments” to nurture and foster the child’s healthy growth during brain “developmental stages” cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally and allow the child to grow and to develop the right “building blocks” foundation that can support healthy growth and a solid foundation that one can stand on in life.

Mera Lord – Area of Research

 Mera Lord’s area of research is “Cognitive Neuroscience” which is concerned with the study of the “Biological Processes” and aspects that underline “Cognition” with a specific focus on the “Neural Connections” in the “Brain” and decision-making process.

The concentrations of her research are based upon neuroscience and psychology, overlapping with behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, physiological psychology, and affective neuroscience which is known for the study of the neural mechanisms of emotions. 

She has worked on her research and studies (1984-2018) to address the question “How cognitive activities are affected and controlled by neural circuits in the brain” where she has discovered “Brain Types” and their uniqueness. 

She says I have discovered the unique brain type’s characteristics and traits through neuro activities and how neurotransmitters transmit signals, act, and react with incoming data. Neurotransmitter signaling is different in each brain type, and every unique brain type receives the incoming data in its unique ways, communicates, perceives, and stores information according to its unique brain type

Recognition of “Brain types” is a massive leap in science revealing the individual’s “Thought patterns” and “decision-making” processes.

By recognizing your brain types, you understand your thought patterns and why you make decisions the way you do, and how you can lead and manage life in the best possible way. In addition, recognition of brain types is a great asset to have when raising children and educating and directing people. It is also highly recommended for psychologists, and counselors to be aware of brain type’s characteristics and traits to help clients during recovery sessions. If you are not aware of brain types, your treatments will not be beneficial, simply because you cannot use the same method for all, and every unique brain type requires different methods of treatment. 

She talks about her discoveries that every child is born with a unique “Brain Type,” and you must know about the brain types to nurture the individual’s growth during “Brain developmental stages” which take place from the prenatal stage to 29 years of age, otherwise many psychological problems will arise by not knowing the child’s brain type. Parents tend to treat their children the way things worked for them not knowing that you may have a different brain type than your kids and directing or communicating with each unique brain type must follow a certain pattern for teachings and directing to be effective.

Every child is born with a unique “Brain type,” and parents should be aware of their children’s brain type to nurture the nature of the child accordingly.

By not being aware of “Brain Types,” we all can go wrong in parenting a child, educating, directing, communicating, and causing many mental damages that will come up as psychological problems later in life.

Mera Lord has worked on particular methods in cognitive neuroscience, cognitive genomics, and behavioral genetics showing that every procedure and notion related to working with people’s mental health must be looked at from the point of unique “Brain type” characteristics and traits. Expanding on the suggestion that neurons behave in certain manners and they should be known for their patterns and not label the behaviors as “disorders” and treat the behavior as understanding how neurons work, and how we can best understand the behavior and lead the situation.

For example, we observe the individual being active and label the behavior as one having an attention deficit disorder “ADD or ADHD” and call it a disorder. In addition to that, we want to treat the behavior to bring it to a normal stage supposedly, and my discovery shows that this is very wrong, and previous studies must look into the new knowledge and stop the wrong treatments. For example, active neurons act in a fast manner and it is a normal part of the “Active brain type” if you don’t know the specifics about this brain type you will go wrong treating the individual and cause many psychological problems in one’s life.

It is amazing to understand the “Active Brain Type” and see how amazing they are and we want to change them to something that they are not. It is time to understand every unique brain type and see how genius every brain is.

You cannot treat the “Active brain type” as a “Structured brain type” or the “Creative brain type” or other brain types, and every brain type understands the world in its unique way. It does not matter if you want to believe it or not, understand it or not, this is how it is and every brain type is unique and perceives the world and operates life in their unique pattern.

Neurons behave in a certain pattern in every unique brain type, and neurons are in charge of thinking patterns, and the decision-making process. Neurons move faster in the “Active brain type” and that is why we observe the behaviors as moving from one thing to another, but they are the ones that are daredevils and take action even if things are risky. Neurons behave slowly in the “Structured brain type” and that is why they tend to take their time to look into details and move cautiously in life. And the “Creative brain type” looks out of the box and wants to explore more and see what else is out there to be discovered. The “Creative brain type” creates the plane, the “Structured brain type” builds the plane, and the “Active brain type” jumps from the plane to try the parachute.

The brain types will never change and neurons will always follow their unique pattern, and by knowing the individual’s brain type you can teach, direct, and communicate with all different brain types efficiently.

You are your “Brain type” and whatever you do is under the control of your neurons, and how neurotransmitters behave. Your strength, your weaknesses, your anxiety, your fears, courage, passion, your boredom, and your whole state of mind is under the control of your brain type, temperaments, brain developmental stages, and the building blocks.

Treatments for depression, anxiety, and any psychological problems must be geared, modified, and changed according to the individual’s brain type.

Parents must learn about their children’s brain types to support and nurture the child’s developing minds.

Brain Types: You are not your personality type, you are your “Brain Type” 

by Mera Lord (Author)

In this book, you will find a fascinating discovery and recognition of each unique “Brain type.” And the visionary understanding of “emotions” and why we feel things the way we do, by understanding our temperaments and sensitivities. In addition, you can access how important it is to pay attention to “Brain developmental stages” which take place from the pre-natal stage to 29 years of age. Finally how we run our reality based on what we have learned, were exposed to, been treated, and experienced according to our unique “Brain type and temperaments” during brain developmental stages. This is where we keep our memories within the “Building blocks” in our mind and if we have had a healthy upbringing, then we run a healthy emotional life, and if something has gone wrong somewhere, there we would observe some type of psychological problems in life. And according to the degree or severity of the problem, the treatment must take place according to the individual’s brain type.

It is highly important to pay complete attention to these stages of fostering and nurturing healthy developmental growth in one’s life.

  1. Recognition of unique “Brain Types” which is responsible for all the decision-making processes
  2. Understanding “Temperaments” which monitor your feelings and emotions
  3. Fostering “Brain Developmental Stages” which take place from prenatal to 29 years of age
  4. Nurture uniqueness to build a healthy “building blocks” foundation that is gained through life experiences
  5. The impact of Schooling and Educational System according to unique Brain Types
  6. Teaching Life Management Skills to gain emotional intelligence according to temperaments


You feel things according to your “Temperaments” – You show emotional reactions according to your “Temperaments”

During my research, I have found another amazing discovery that you are not your emotions, and you are your “Temperaments.” You are born with certain sensitivities and you show emotional reactions according to your sensory sensations which are monitored by your “Temperaments” and the behavioral reactions are an aftereffect.

You are different not only because you have your unique brain type, but also because you have different “Temperaments” which are about your feelings and how your unique neurons and neuro-pathways sense environmental exposures. You sense the incoming data according to your senses, and you show emotional reactions according to your sensory sensations that are monitored by your temperaments.

You feel and show emotional reactions to situations according to your “Temperaments” and that is where neuro-sensory sensations transfer information to your brain and that is how you feel things.

The sensory neurons respond to environmental exposures in unique ways according to personal sensitivities which are caused by having unique “temperaments” and the cell receptors are responsible for your feelings and your emotional reactions to environmental exposures. Your “temperaments” run your emotions, and that is exactly why people feel things differently, and show different emotional reactions to the same situations.

In addition to knowing your brain type to master your life, you need to know your emotions and master your emotions and enhance your emotional intelligence. Learn life management skills and raise your EQ level to manage obstacles, contrasts, and ups and downs in life. Lead your life toward success, joy, and happiness. 


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