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Mera Lord

“Brain DNA”
A Newfound Discovery by Mera Lord

Every individual is born with its unique “Brain DNA”

Renowned researcher Mera Lord unveils her fascinating new findings on the “Neural Blueprint.” According to her, each individual possesses a unique “Neural Blueprint” that dictates their entire life based on their distinctive brain genetics.

Decode the Genomics of your “Brain DNA”
& All About Your Unique
. Brain Type
. Sensitivities
. Feelings
. Decision-making process
. Temperaments
. Anxiety
. Procrastinations
. Success
. Happiness
. Your “BRAIN DNA” & the Unique YOU

About Mera Lord

Mera Lord is an esteemed author and cognitive neuroscientist specializing in “Cognitive Neuroscience.” This field focuses on studying the biological processes and factors underlying cognition, with a specific emphasis on neural connections in the brain and the decision-making process. Her research primarily concentrates on understanding the intricate mechanisms and functions of the brain, shedding light on how the mind operates and influences our choices.

“Brain DNA” Recognition &
Nurturing the Brain During
BDS – Brain Developmental Stages
(Prenatal care through 29 years of age)

  • Training Programs to Understand
  • Child’s Brain
  • Adult Brain
  • Trauma Brain
  • Heal the Brain (Emotional Empowerments)
  • All According to Individual’s unique “BRAIN DNA”

My Message

We can end mental health crisis by understanding the individual’s “Brain DNA”

How do we treat mental health problems when problems present differently in each unique brain?

In her book, “Brain DNA – Recognizing Neural Blueprint,” esteemed author and cognitive neuroscientist Mera Lord delves into the scientific aspects and provides insights into the functioning of the mind, emotions, and decision-making processes. She also underscores the significance of nurturing each “Neural Blueprint” according to its distinctiveness during the stages of brain development, which occur from prenatal development until the age of 29.

Failure to acknowledge or properly nurture the “Neural Blueprint” can result in psychological challenges and the formation of “Impaired Building Blocks.” However, these “Impaired Building Blocks” can be addressed and rectified through tailored treatments that align with an individual’s specific “Neural Blueprint.”

Do you know your “Brain DNA,” or your “Brain Type?”

Do you know “why you make decisions” the way you do?

It is time to recognize your unique “Brain DNA” and “Brain Type,”

Reach Succuss & Happiness
in All Areas of Life
& According to your Unique
“Brain DNA”

. Success
. Joy & Happiness
. Money
. Career
. Love
. Relationships
. @ Home
. @ Work
. Heal Trauma
. Conquer Anxiety
. Cure Depression
. Reach mental Health & Wellness
. Success in All Areas of Life

Happiness Workshop
  • Learn “How to End suffering” in your life. Reach joy and happiness in all areas of life by decoding your uniqueness.

Why do you have to suffer?
End Suffering in your life &
Reach JOY 100%

Workshops Designed Specifically for you
. Avoid Burning out
. Heal Stress Immediately
, Navigate Anger & Take Control Now
. End of Trauma

No More Fear

No More Failure

Remove Obstacles
  • Talk Therapy

Where do you get stuck in life?

Find “Why you get stuck”
“Where you get stuck”
“How you can get Un-stock”

Workshops to “Decode the Chaos”
& Never Get Stuck in life

Get Well NOW
Forward Moving From Here & On

You can achieve anything in life by using these PROVEN Methods

Limitless Empowerments
  • “You”

Discover all about you

Your Passion & Purpose in Life

Learn New Methods to
Turn your Wishes & Dreams
into Reality

Well-designed Unique Workshops How to Manifest
Anything you Wish in Life

From Wish To Reality
Learn all about “YOU” & the “Powers you hold inside”

Learn to Remove Obstacles & “How to Thrive in Life”


Learn the Steps to Remove Obstacles, and Move Forward in Life with Success according to your Unique “Brain & Sensitivities.”

Generate “What you Truly like to Attract” to your life.

All Workshops & Training Programs Are Designed to help you in your life according to Your Unique “Brain DNA, & Brain Type.”

Discover the Steps to Overcome Obstacles and Progress Towards Success in Life based on your “Brain & Sensitivities.”

Manifest what truly resonates with you and what you like to attract into your life.

Understanding Your Brain Type

Were you aware that you do not have ADHD? Instead, you possess an “Active Brain Type,” which is a natural aspect of your brain. What you are experiencing is not a disorder. Once you comprehend your “Brain DNA,” you will understand its nature and how to effectively collaborate with it. Gain full insight into your “Active Brain Type” and effectively manage your life.

Dealing with Procrastination

Have you ever wondered why you occasionally find yourself procrastinating? Rest assured, this behavior is simply a characteristic of your specific “Brain Type.”

Tailoring Anxiety Treatment

Did you know that each brain type experiences anxiety in distinct ways? Consequently, the treatment for anxiety should be tailored to suit each individual’s brain type.

Embracing Diverse Learning Styles

Learning Styles – Were you aware that everyone learns in their own unique way, dictated by their brain type? This is precisely why there is a need for a shift in teaching methods and the education system to accommodate diverse brains.

Workshops & Training Programs to recognize
“Brain DNA” & “Brain Types”

“Sensitivities” & “Temperaments”

Yes You Can

I Highly Believe that “You can” achieve anything you wish in life, and all you need to know is to learn how.

High Success Rate
. When you have this knowledge, you can learn how to apply it, and 100% reach your goals

Services – Workshops

. Happiness Therapy For Teens

. Happiness Therapy For Me

. Happiness Therapy For Couples

. Art Therapy

. 21 Shades of Anxiety

. Gain Vitality & End Depression

. Success with Money & Career

. Find the Love you Crave

. Healthy Relationships Forever

. Gentle Parenting Classes

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Workshops are designed to Help you “Heal” your trauma, &
Learn “Methods & Techniques” to move Forward.
Reach Success and Happiness

Step By Step Methods

Create your “Best Life”

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Self-directed Creation, …
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. Manifestation Formula = Learn How to turn ” wishes & dreams” into Reality.

. Change your Life NOW (Understand yourself fully, and what you like to become.)

. By Learning these NEW Methods, You Will Never Get Stuck in Life.

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“You” Make a Difference

Learn All About “You” and
Tap into your Powers.

“How you can Lead your Dream Life.”
By Understanding your Unique Brain

Giving back has always been
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Create your happiness, follow your joy, and reach success in life by understanding “You” at the core level.

Understand what you are made out of and control all aspects of life.

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