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A great candidate for winning the Noble Prize – A giant leap for mankind – and a greater future for humanity

 “Brain DNA” 

Mera Lord’s research concentrates on cognitive neuroscience, cognitive genomics, and behavioral genetics, and her discovery of “Brain DNA” helps parents, educators, and professionals to observe the brain’s uniqueness and understand what lies behind behaviors.

Understanding “Brain DNA,” not only enhance “Mind and Cognitive Development,” but also nurture “Mental Health & Wellness.” 


We must understand every individual at their core level and support a healthy upbringing cognitively, socially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

She believes by understanding an individual’s “Brain DNA” we not only can understand the reason behind behaviors but also can lead and nurture the “Uniqueness” and avoid causing mental imbalances to arise. We human beings know more about plants and how to nurture each uniquely than our own children.  

Expanding on the suggestion and the notion that neurons behave in certain manners and they should be known for their patterns and not label the behaviors as “disorders,” everyone is unique “Neurodivergent.”

Neurodivergence is the term for when someone’s brain processes, learns, and/or behaves differently from what is considered “typical.”  

But now by recognizing the “Brain DNA” you can recognize the uniqueness exactly as the child is and never miss a beat to go wrong in fostering and nurturing the cognitive brain and emotional brain.

Brain DNA – Fostering (IQ) + (EQ)


Mera Lord’s Latest Quest

She highly believes that we must understand everyone’s “Brain DNA” and support children according to their unique “Brain type, Sensory sensations, and Temperaments” while they are growing up during “Brain Developmental Stages” which take place from the “prenatal stage through 29 years of age.

  • – The “Brain DNA” is a network consisting of “Brain Types” & “Temperaments” plus “Sensory Sensations”
  • – The “Brain Types” are in charge of your “Thinking Process”
  • – The “Temperaments & Sensory Sensations” are in charge of your “Feelings” that is your “Emotional Brain.”
    – BDS – Brain developmental stages – takes place from “Pre-natal – 29 years of age”


The new “Pathways to Mental Health & Wellness”

Mera Lord calls attention to enhancing cognitive development and conquering mental illness and psychological problems and aims to achieve “Mental Health & Wellness” for all.

This is her focus and she emphasizes that the majority of mental health issues “Start in childhood” years and during “Brain developmental stages”

Research shows that more than half of all mental illnesses begin in childhood, and now more than ever children and teens live with mental health issues.

Mera Lord claims that we can tackle mental health problems and cure all by 90% and the steps are:

  • Recognizing the Brain DNA
  • Understanding the “Brain DNA Type”
  • Recognizing the “Emotional Brain”
  • Fostering the “Brain type and Emotional Brain” during BDS “Brain Developmental Stages”
  • BDS the “Brain Developmental Stages” takes place from the prenatal stage through 29 years of age


Would you join me to help millions reach mental health and wellness?

This is a new era, this is a new giant leap for humanity

Resolution to a Huge Problem – Conquering Mental Health Problems – Fostering Cognitive Enhancements

Parents, caregivers, and educators need to understand the “brain DNA” to nurture and foster the child’s healthy growth during “Brain developmental stages” cognitively, physically, socially, and mentally and allow the child to grow and develop the right “building blocks” foundation that can support a healthy life.  


Mera Lord – Area of Research

 Mera Lord’s area of research is “Cognitive Neuroscience” which is concerned with the study of the “Biological Processes” and aspects that underline “Cognition” with a specific focus on the “Neural Connections” in the “Brain” and decision-making process.

The concentrations of her research are based on neuroscience and psychology, overlapping with behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, physiological psychology, and affective neuroscience which is known for the study of the neural mechanisms of emotions. 

She has worked on her research since 1984 to address the question “How cognitive activities are affected and controlled by neural circuits in the brain” when in 2014 she discovered “Brain DNA & Brain Types.”  

Her research shows that every brain has a “Pattern” that is recognizable by “neuro activities and how neurotransmitters transmit signals,” and by following the pattern you can recognize the individual’s “Brain DNA,” where the unique traits and characteristics stand. 

Every unique brain type receives the incoming data in unique ways, and communicates, perceives, and stores information according to its unique brain type.

Mera Lord has worked on particular methods in cognitive neuroscience, cognitive genomics, and behavioral genetics showing that every procedure and notion related to working with people’s mental health must be looked at from the point of unique “Brain DNA” characteristics and traits, which consist of “Brain Type, Temperaments, and Sensory sensations.” 



Parents must learn about their children’s brain types to support and nurture the child’s developing minds.

The educational system must modify its teaching methods according to the child's "Brain DNA"  

Treatments for depression, anxiety, and any psychological problems must be geared, modified, and changed according to the individual’s brain type.


Decoding the “Brain DNA” 

You can find more about “Brain DNA” – In this book, you will find a fascinating discovery and recognition of each unique “Brain DNA” and the unique characteristics and traits of each brain type. 

And the theoretical understanding of the “Emotional Brain” and why we feel things the way we do.

In addition, you can access how important it is to pay attention to “Brain developmental stages” which take place from the pre-natal stage to 29 years of age.

Finally, we can learn more about “Memory” where we store experiences and retrieve data according to our “Brain DNA.”  

Amazon.com: Brain DNA: You are not your personality type, you are your “Brain Type” eBook : Lord, Mera: Kindle Store



Mera Lord – Upcoming books

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  • The best Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind according to their Unique Brain Types & Temperaments
  • The Teenage Brain DNA 
  • Raising Young Adults according to their Brain Types
  • Brain Types at Work
  • Brain Types & Teamwork
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    Teamwork & Collaborations 
  • Brain Types & Anxiety
  • Managing Anxiety according to Brain Types
  • Brain Types & Depression
  • Conquer Depression according to Brain Types


Mera Lord – Books on Amazon

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