Neuroscientist Mera Lord reveals her discoveries – The “Brain DNA”

You are not your personality type, you are your “Brain Type.”

The personality type that you observe is an after-effect, and everything takes place in your brain way before it shows up as behaviors or personability.

Every child is born with its unique “Brain DNA”
and we must understand the unique brain from birth and at every stage of life to nurture the true nature of the child

A breakthrough discovery for “Mental Health & Wellness”

⇒A Newfound Discovery by Mera Lord – The “Brain DNA” 
A great candidate for winning the Noble Prize in Genomics & Physiology

 “Brain DNA” 

Mera Lord’s research concentrates on “Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Genomics, and Behavioral Genetics”

Why do you need to know about this newfound discovery?

I can say confidently that 99% of people don’t know about their unique “Brain DNA” &
– how their brain works,
– how their emotions work,
– how they make decisions,
and – why you get stuck in some areas of life while you naturally thrive in some other areas of life. 

Everything has patterns and with this huge discovery, you can learn all about the “Brain Types & their unique Patterns” and,
– “How your brain works” and “How your emotions” work,
– and how you can understand, control, and lead all your decision-making processes and avoid mental sufferings or setbacks in life. 

This knowledge can help parents to:
– nurture and foster their child’s “Cognitive and Emotional growth” according to their unique “Brain DNA.”
⇒⇒⇒ We must Foster and Nurture the Child 
– (Physically, Cognitively, Emotionally, Socially, & Mentally) according to their “Brain DNA”

Understanding “brain DNA” will also help:
– educators, psychologists, counselors, and coaches to see the individual’s unique “Brain DNA” and help clients to reach highest productivity and results.  


Every child is born with its unique “Brain DNA”

I have always mentioned that we, humans, know more about plants and their seeds and how each seed needs a special nurturing than we know about our children. I am sure you know that every child is different from one another, but do you know why, and how?
Do you know your child’s brain type and their unique sensitivities?
Do you know that your child has a different brain than you?
Did you know that every brain perceive the world according to their brain types?
Did you know that you can’t talk to every brain in a same way, and every brain has a different and unique communication style?

Prevention + Prevention + Prevention  = this is the answer to reaching “Mental Health & Wellness.” 

Mera Lord’s Latest Quest – ⇒ The new “Pathways to Mental Health & Wellness”

Mera Lord calls attention to conquering mental health and wellness by learning, understanding, nurturing, and fostering individual’s “Brain DNA.”
Fostering and nurturing the true nature of the child is not a guess work anymore. 

This is her focus and she emphasizes that the majority of mental health issues “Start in childhood” years and during “Brain developmental stages,” which take place from the “prenatal stage through 29 years” of age, and this is where we ignore the brain types, temperaments, and sensitivities. 

Research shows that more than half of all mental illnesses begin in childhood, and now more than ever children, teens, young adults, and adults live with mental health issues. Why? Because you don’t know the child’s true “SEED” within. 

Mera Lord claims that we can tackle mental health problems and reach mental wellness by:

  • Recognizing & Understanding Individual’s Brain DNA, and Brain Types
  • Recognizing the “Emotional Brain” = by understanding (Sensitivities and Temperaments)
  • Fostering and Nurturing the “Brain Type and Emotional Brain” during “Brain Developmental Stages” – (BDS – prenatal stage through 29 years of age)

Would you join me to help millions reach mental health and wellness?

Resolution to a Huge Problem – Conquering Mental Health Problems – While Fostering your unique “Brain DNA”

Parents, caregivers, and educators need to understand the “brain DNA” to nurture and foster the child’s healthy growth “Mentally, Emotionally, Cognitively, Physically, and Socially” during “Brain developmental stages.”   

Mera Lord – Area of Research

 Mera Lord’s area of research is “Cognitive Neuroscience” which is concerned with the study of the “Biological Processes” and aspects that underline “Cognition” with a specific focus on the “Neural Connections” in the “Brain” and decision-making process.

The concentrations of her research are based on neuroscience and psychology, overlapping with behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, physiological psychology, and affective neuroscience which is known for the study of the neural mechanisms of emotions. 

She has worked on her research since 1984 to address the question “How cognitive activities are affected and controlled by neural circuits in the brain” when in 2014 she discovered “Brain DNA & Brain Types.”  

Her research shows that every brain has a “Pattern” that is recognizable by “neuro activities and how neurotransmitters transmit signals,” and by following the pattern you can recognize the individual’s “Brain DNA,” where the unique traits and characteristics stand. 

Every unique brain type receives the incoming data in unique ways, and communicates, perceives, and stores information according to its unique brain type.

Parents must learn about their children’s brain types to support and nurture the child’s developing mind.

The educational system must modify its teaching methods according to the child's "Brain DNA"  

Treatments for depression, anxiety, and any psychological problems must be geared, modified, and changed according to the individual’s “Brain DNA.”

Decoding the “Brain DNA” 

Brain DNA – can be recognized by the unique “Patterns” of “Neuro-connectivity, Neuro-firing, and Neural oscillations” which determines your “Brain Type,”
+ plus your unique “sensory sensations” which determine your sensitivities, & the neurons in charge of “Emotional inputs,”
& your “Temperaments” which determines your “reactions and responses” according to your unique tempers.

You can find more about “Brain DNA” – In this book, you will find a fascinating discovery and recognition of each unique “Brain DNA” and the unique characteristics and traits of each brain type. 

And the theoretical understanding of the “Emotional Brain” and why we feel things the way we do.

In addition, you can access how important it is to pay attention to “Brain developmental stages” which take place from the pre-natal stage to 29 years of age.

Finally, we can learn more about “Memory” where we store experiences and retrieve data according to our “Brain DNA.”  

Mera Lord – Upcoming books

  • Parenting according to “Brain DNA”
  • The best Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind according to their Unique Brain Types & Temperaments
  • Nurture the child according to his/her unique “Brain DNA”
  • Recognizing the child’s “Sensitivities” and learning skills to manage emotions
  • Using the right methods of discipline and communication style for every unique brain & temperament
  • The Teenage Brain DNA 
  • Raising Young Adults According to Their Brain Types
  • A critical turning point in life
  • Leading a Successful life Vs. Failure
  • Why some Teens choose Trouble
  • How you can Communicate with your Teen and lead them toward Success & Happiness in life
  • Brain DNA at Work
  • Brain DNA & Career Choices, what works best 
  • Brain DNA at Workplace & Teamwork Connections
    Effective Training Programs to Learn and Work with Every Brain Type
    Teamwork & Collaborations @ its Best
  • Brain DNA & Anxiety
  • Managing Anxiety According to Your Unique Brain DNA
  • Brain DNA & Depression
  • Conquer Depression According to Brain DNA 


Ask Mera Lord

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This is Mera Lord, and this is a note that I am not a physician, and I don’t practice as a physician or a counselor.

I am a scientist and  “Practice as an Educator” and all my teaching practices are geared toward “Cognitive development and Emotional Enhancements” supporting individuals’ mental health and wellness.

  • By understanding more about your “Brain Type”  and how you “Process the incoming & outgoing data”
  • understand your “Sensitivities” and how you can manage your emotions and balance your mental health and wellness 
  • how your “Temperaments” affect your decision-making process, and how you can conquer any setbacks in life
  • why you get stuck in some areas of life and how you can override any difficulties in life 
  • how you can build and lead your ideal life by recognizing your uniqueness   

A Note: Please be aware of online scammers, make sure that you are aware of online scammers and those who pretend to be me or contact you via my name, and report online scammers. 

Brain DNA

Child’s Unique Brain DNA